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Led Inbouwspots

LED Lights By Sir Edison

Led Inbouwspots

Led Inbouwspots, or L.I. as I like to refer to it here, is an interesting and quite unique one of a kind supplier in many things LED. LED, as many know, is basically energy and light converted into more usable and cost/energy efficient forms.....helping the earth and making things better for us all in the process. Now who do we have to thank for that? Ultimately God, of course, who gave us the great gift of electricity....and he did so through the efforts and discovery of one man in particular.


THOMAS EDISON, as we well know, invented and discovered the light bulb. He created the path to channeling and using electricity for the greater good. This gift was given to him by God, and it seems that he used it quite powerfully. I quote his words for all of use to pause for a moment of gratitude for this great gift to all of man kind:

"The most necessary task of civilization is to teach people how to think. It should be the primary purpose of our public schools. The mind of a child is naturally active, it develops through exercise. Give a child plenty of exercise, for body and brain. The trouble with our way of educating is...."


Although this man was known as a great failure in many other areas of his life, including his strong atheistic failures and his lack of true wisdom in matters of humility, & a sense of healthy company in life, what he has said here has shown to be true. That we can take away from this with full confidence, knowing that whatever we sow in this life....we will ultimately reap. That can be good or bad. In summary, L.I. offers many advancements in Led Inbouwspots.

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LED Lighting 02/20/2017 11:28

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